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To register in the Forum do not require personal data, all that is requested is a nickname and email address. Therefore this web not keeping any personal data protected by the data protection act.

1.1) Respect : The most important thing is how you address other people. Your words should not irritate or offend anyone. When you respond or write a new topic, remember the words respect, humility, patience, tolerance, affection and persistence.

1.2) Sincerity: In the event you report an event where you felt cheated, do not overdo or modify the actual facts in describing it. We are not responsible for your words but we would like to be "representatives" of them. Please be very sincere when describing something. Especially if you mention a brand, company, clinic or surgeon.

1.3) It is not allowed to attack other members of this community. If at any time you want to express a complaint regarding the behavior of a user, you must use the report button for infractions or send us a private message. We (moderators and administrators) will be responsible for reviewing the situation and act accordingly.

1.4) When you participate in a thread try to bring something positive. If your intentions are negative think about it before you participate, because it is possible that you channel your negativity towards the rest of the members of this community (and they do not deserve it). In no case participate in order to generate bad atmosphere or provoke, since it is not the spirit of the forum.

1.5) If you feel like talking about non-hair related issues, you can do so in the Other Topics area, but remember that no racist, homophobic or sexist comments are allowed, nor is any contempt for anyone's religious beliefs . Discrimination based on race, religion, nationality, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability is prohibited by law.

1.6) It is prohibited to publish personal data or third parties (eg e-mail accounts, telephones, images, addresses, etc.). Any type of information that can link a user with a name, address, etc. Will be eliminated by the moderation team, and the necessary measures will be taken so that it does not happen again.

1.7) Links or references to other websites, with commercial purpose or promotional character, except those expressly authorized by this Administration, are prohibited.

1.8) Referrals and promotion of groups of WhatsApp or other social networks, or messages that promote contact with a certain user that does not expose your case and incite to communicate with him privately are prohibited. If you want to help exposing your case feel free to do it on our website, but it is not allowed to use this forum for the personal business of patients or clinic representatives who see in the capillary world a possibility to earn money. Be consistent and think that you would not want to be deceived by a network without moral ethics, whose purpose is merely profitable.

1.9) Always write in the appropriate area, if you do in the wrong place, you probably will not get a response. The threads that do not have to do with the area where they are published will be moved or closed.

1.10) You must at all times respect the Moderators and Administrator of the forum. If you do not agree with a decision or have a complaint, contact this Administration through private messages.

The following rules are also important, but they have to do with the content and not with the form to express:

2.1) Covert Advertising: Any message that is considered undercover advertising will be carefully examined. If there is bad feelings on the part of the writer or there was an attempt to deceive the readers, we will investigate in depth the advertised product. If there is fraud or deception in any of the statements, the investigation will be exposed to the whole public explaining the whole case with the possibility of even initiating legal actions. In short, a covert advertising will end up being very bad publicity. Our interest is to inform and be informed honestly.

2.2) External Links:

External links are allowed as long as they refer to the subject in question. Those links that point generically and without reason, will be eliminated. The user must be able to access the information with a direct link to the related page. The links placed by new users will be observed in detail and unfortunately (trying to avoid SPAM) are more likely to be eliminated.

2.3) For the avoidance of doubt, SPAM, unauthorized advertising, pornography or links to explicit sexual content, the publication of photos, videos or links to content that could hurt the sensibility of the rest of the The publication of content or links related to piracy and all that violates intellectual property rights (we are not a web for P2P content exchange), and in Definitive all those acts and behaviors that can be typified as lack or crime in the current legislation.

2.4) No conduct is allowed that restricts, inhibits or interferes with the ability of any other person to use or enjoy our website. Our website can only be used for lawful purposes. The use of robots, spiders, web crawlers, worms, and any other medium other than the interface provided by our site is completely prohibited. It is also prohibited to access this site with the idea of collecting information about visitors or registered users of this website.

Access to website, data and messages:

3.1) By using our website you certify that you are over 18, if you are not 18 you are not authorized to use our website.

3.2) If you have been accepted as a registered member, you accept responsibility for all activities that may occur under your registration account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access from your computer so that anyone else can access with your data. In the event that you believe that your account security and credentials have been compromised, you should contact the Administration promptly to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your account.

3.3) You agree to give true, accurate and complete information when registering, as well as to update it in the event of changes.
You agree to only establish a single Nickname registration account when you write on our website. Offering any inaccurate or non-genuine information or allowing another person to use your account to access the site constitutes a violation of the terms of use. We reserve the right to terminate the access and use of our website if we discover that it has provided false information or we discover that another person accesses the site using their individual registration.

3.4) Change Nickname:

The nickname you have used can not be modified by another. Choose carefully the name you will use in the forum because once you do, you will not be able to modify it.

3.5) The use of multinicknames is prohibited. At the moment it is detected that a forum member writes with more than one nickname, he will be immediately expelled from the forum permanently.

3.6) It is forbidden to register users with the same IP of a clinic and that are outside of it, that action can be considered for the benefit of a specific clinic and will be expelled from the forum and their messages edited.

3.7) It is forbidden to use programs or browsers that have the purpose of masking the user's IP by showing that he is in unusual places on the planet. Once detected, the user could be ejected.

3.8) You are aware and agree that may preserve or disclose your registration information and contents of your communications if required by law or if in good faith we believe that the disclosure of such data is reasonably necessary for the following reasons :
  • To comply with a legal process by a court order, search order or summons.
    To enforce the terms of these conditions of use.
    To protect the rights of
3.9) Old Messages:

When someone has answered one of your messages, you can no longer modify, edit or delete it. It is important that you know that the words you write in the forum will be recorded and will not be modified under any circumstances. Write truthfully, knowing that in the future you will not regret what you said. The forum does not store photos, if you want to remove some photos from the forum you will have to remove them by yourself on the server where they were stored.

3.10) The use of private messages is a right that is acquired with continued participation in the forum. The use of private messages to newly registered users is limited to avoid spam and the commercial purposes that certain malicious people may have.

3.11) How to publish a case:

Tips or rules for the publication of cases; All members of the forum are entitled to the free publication of their surgical procedures.

3.12) Only collaborating clinics and duly authorized by the Administration may publish cases through their official representatives / consultants.

In both cases, individuals and clinics, they must provide the maximum information possible in order to facilitate their reading and understanding, as well as the truthfulness of what is published and be honest and truthful with the information published.

The "Title" of the thread should include the name of the doctor or clinic, the number of grafts, the technique used (FUE or FUT), and the date of the operation.
In the "Content" of the thread, the data must be expanded in a more detailed way with the obligation to provide clear and clear photographs.

Those threads that do not meet these requirements can be edited or deleted directly.

With respect to clinics, doctors and medical information:

4.1) reserves the right to choose the doctors, clinics or companies that can collaborate with the forum based on a quality of work and proven ethics. The collaboration of these entities will be permanently evaluated to allow their continuity in the forum, and can be suppressed when this administration considers that it does not meet the stipulated minimum quality requirements.

4.2) warns that doctors, clinics or collaborating companies are not companies recommended by this forum, and therefore is not responsible for the results of these entities. Hair transplantation is a medical activity with risks, it is the patient's duty to perform a good investigation before undergoing a surgical intervention that can have positive or negative influence on his personal life.

About Travel Agencies:

4.3) does not admit the access to the web to Travel Agencies (or similar businesses of third parties) that offer packs of esthetic tourism in which they include a hair operation. The goal of this website is not to become the showcase of companies that intend to do business at all costs using this "modus operandi".

This administration is guided by a minimum ethical and technical requirements, a quality surgery, with proven technique and impeccable ethics, that offer the maximum guarantee to the patients and in particular the users of this forum.
It should be the doctors and clinics in the first person who have to contact the Administration if they wish to publicize and publish their own cases, and the Administration will authorize in their case their access to the web.

4.4) will not in any case allow the forum to become a weapon of blackmail or extortion to obtain a benefit or consideration against a doctor, clinic or company. If your goal is to use this forum to facilitate a refund, or post when the surgeon has refused to reimburse your operation, your case will be placed in moderation and may be permanently dismissed. The law requires clinics to sign an Informed Consent as a pre-contract prior to any medical act. It is very important that you carefully read the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement before signing and submitting to the intervention or treatment.

4.5) If you report a bad experience after a treatment or surgery, it is with the intention of objectively exposing your case, so that other users can learn and perform a better investigation and selection of surgeon for your particular case. We all enrich ourselves with the experiences of our users.

4.6) The administrator and moderators of this forum also suffer from alopecia, they are not medical professionals. Their job is to enforce the rules of this forum, but they can also express their opinions like any patient. No information contained in this site constitutes a guarantee of any kind and no opinion expressed by any Moderator or visitor to this site should be considered in isolation as true information or trusted advice.

4.7) The forum is focused as an educational resource. The doctors suggested on our website are some of the best professionals in hair restoration. However, can not attest to these doctors, their experience, credentials or quality of care. Users of the website are expected to conduct thorough research before selecting a doctor or treatment. does not guarantee in any way the quality of the work or the results provided by said professionals in surgeries or treatments performed. We expressly waive any liability arising from the consultation with, or treatments performed by doctors, clinics or companies presented on this website.

4.8) Considering the nature of our website, it is impossible for us to review all messages and confirm the validity of the information disclosed. We can not confirm or guarantee the accuracy of any message and therefore we are not responsible for the content thereof. The messages express the author's point of view, not necessarily the vision of this community or collaborating entity.

4.9) The representatives of doctors, clinics and companies must be previously authorized by this Administration. No user will be allowed to announce their intention to represent a doctor, clinic or company if he has not previously addressed by email communicating his intentions to this Administration. It is the task of this Administration to study whether the doctor, clinic or company meets the necessary requirements to have representation in the forum.

4.10) Any commercial action that tries to use the forum as a means of promotion and publicity in the broadest sense, without having been authorized by this administration, is prohibited. The objective of this forum is not to become the showcase of companies that pretend to do business through this website, but to be a center for information and research of users interested in different hair pathologies. is a private entity. We reserve the right of admission and permanence. By using these pages you agree to the terms of use by creating a binding legal agreement between you and If you do not agree to these terms, you should not use this website.

Any intervention that does not comply with the aforementioned rules may be edited or deleted and anyone who does not habitually or seriously fail to access the forum temporarily or definitively, something we DO NOT want at all. reserves the right at any time to modify, correct, alter or update the terms of use. If you continue to use our website, you agree to these possible modifications or updates to the terms of use. For that reason we recommend to periodically visit this page to check the updates. If you do not agree with the terms of use, modifications or updates, please disconnect and do not use this web page.

I hope they are easy to meet, and if you do not agree with any, we welcome your opinions.

The administration.